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Collection: Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Pump Oil

Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Pump Oil

What are vacuum pumps and vacuum pump oils?

A vacuum pump is recommended to remove air and moisture from the air conditioning system before refrigerant is added to the system. The deeper and more complete the vacuum, the more moisture that is removed quicker. Removing moisture and air from the system helps to reduce the likelihood of system complications caused by unwanted water or air remaining in the system.

Atmospheric Pressure measures around 759,968 microns. The closer one gets to 0 microns the deeper the vacuum one can achieve. A 15 micron vacuum pump is more efficient at removing moisture from an A/C system than a 100 micron vacuum pump is. The quicker the pressure in the A/C system can be dropped under vacuum, the quicker water can change its state from liquid to vapor. It is this water vapor which the vacuum pump removes to dehydrate an A/C system before a technician will recharge the system with refrigerant.

• The higher the CFM the quicker the vacuum
• The lower the microns, the deeper the vacuum
• The deeper the vacuum, the dryer the system

Vacuum pump oil seals, captures contaminants, lubricates and helps to cool the pump. Look for vacuum pump oil with a Non-misting formulation to help prevent pump oil fog from contaminating your work space. The most important function of vacuum pump oil is to create the seal necessary for the vacuum pump to create the deepest vacuum that the pump is capable of. Most vacuum pump manufactures now recommend the vacuum pump oil be changed after every use of the vacuum pump to reduce corrosion in the vacuum chamber and to help extend the life of the pump.

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